Financial and Investment Services


“If you are looking for an honest, approachable, diligent investment counselor, David Page is an excellent choice.  He listens to what you have to say, appreciates your “comfort level” and when you leave you actually understand what he said! 

Big bonus for us!”

Carl and Julie Ottosen

“We just wanted to say thank you and to our friend for recommending you.  I am sure we would not be able to do what we are doing in our retirement without your advice.  You have certainly earned “bragging rights” for your expertise in money management.  We would also like to say thanks to your staff for always making us feel welcome with their friendly attitude. 

Keep up the good work!”

Fred and Shirley Parchoc

“David Page has been our Investment Planner for the past sixteen years.  He has always been honest and direct in every decision in regards to our financial situation, whether it is debt consolidation or investments.  David has kept us well informed of current and long term money trends, and we have come to rely on his experience and expertise.  We do not consider David as only our Investment  Consultant, but as a close and trusted friend. 

We want to thank him for the years of service he has put in for us.”

George and Sharron Henly


“I have used David Page as my financial planner for the past 23 years.  His knowledge and expertise has allowed me to make financial gains over the years and head into retirement with a sense of security.  I have felt “safe” with my investments, knowing that while I wouldn’t make a quick fortune, nor would I lose everything  I worked so hard to build up.  Over the years, David has helped me understand the market, explaining with examples and “lay” terms, as math was never my strong suit.

Thank you David, for helping me gain financial security.”

Glenda Brazzell, retired RN


“David has been our financial planner and friend since we first met over our kitchen table in May of 1986.  We were married for a year and had only just recently moved to Kamloops.  Our daughter was born in June of the year.

We started small and with David’s help and advice over the past 27 years have built a healthy portfolio.  David not only helped with our investments but showed us how to wisely save for our daughter’s education, pay for vehicles, reduce our taxes and leverage our mortgage to optimize our financial situation.  As well, his experience and confidence has steadied the ship when blips in the markets did occur.

We are low risk investors and now are beginning to reap the benefits of David’s planning.

We strongly recommend David Page to all people interested in building a strong financial future.”

Rosie and Marty


“I have known David for about 30 years.  My late husband and I had complete faith in David as a financial advisor.  We found him very knowledgeable and he always took the time to explain anything we did not understand.  He helped me through my transfers when my husband passed away; with a great deal of sympathy and care.  I consider him a true friend and he would be a great asset to any company.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needed financial help.”

Vivian Moore