Model Portfolios

Your Retirement Plan must
contain 3 primary ingredients.

  • Flexibility – to be able to change your investments:
    As your Personal needs change,
    As tax laws change,
    As the economy changes.
  • A co-ordinated use of both Asset Allocation and Sector Management, to take advantage of both the ups and downs in the markets.
  • A return that equals or betters the projected return in your Plan or your Plan will not achieve your goals.
Compound Annual Growth Rate from Jan 01, 2013 to Sep 15, 2019
for D.W. Page Portfolios

High Growth Portfolio
Equity Portfolio
Balanced Portfolio
Dividend Portfolio
Global Balanced Portfolio
SRI Balanced Portfolio
Fixed income Portfolio

The rate of return figures are annualized for periods greater than one year. They are calculated using the dollar-weighted (internal rate of return) formula, and are based on a lump sum invested on Jan 1, 2013, with no additions or surrenders. All annual results for the individual funds in each portfolio are based on information provided by MorningStar.

This is not an official account statement and this portfolio summary is supplemental to the FundEX Investments Inc. statement. The MFDA’s Investor Protection Corporation does not necessarily apply to all the positions disclosed. Please refer to FundEX’s official account statement to determine client assets that are eligible for coverage. FundEX cannot verify the accuracy of information relating to other financial service products that are not offered through or held by FundEX or a related company of FundEX. Mutual Funds Provided Through FundEX Investment Inc. The information contained herein was obtained from external sources believed to be reliable as of the time of printing. Any discrepancies identified must be reported immediately.


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