David W. Page, CFP. CPCA.
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David W. Page, CFP. CPCA.
David W. Page CFP, CPCA
Certified Financial Planner

D.W.Page Wealth Management

Welcome to D.W. Page Wealth Management – working with you to build lasting financial success.

Kamloops Financial Advisor David Page takes families from “uncertainty and confusion“ to“clarity, confidence and excitement“ regarding their financial future.

David W. Page, is a Certified Financial Planner who can offer you the advantage of world-renowned financial products & services:
Protecting and enjoying your lifestyle
Helping your family
Creating a legacy
Managing your nest egg
Peace of mind

Who is

David W. Page?

Certified Financial Planner
Certified Professional Consultant on Aging
David Page is a Certified Financial Planner in Kamloops, British Columbia. He helps clients create financial security with peace of mind, using quality investment and insurance products and services. He focuses on estate, retirement and tax planning for a clientele of affluent individuals, successful professionals, business owners, retirees and others. A dedicated financial professional since 1975, David speaks of work with sincerity and enthusiasm;

“I believe everyone has a right to financial security through the use of sound money management principles.”
David has extensive experience in Estate, Retirement & Tax Planning; and uses sound money management principals to help clients achieve their financial goals. David has been serving his community with financial planning services for over 38 years.
Navigating today’s financial world can be incredibly challenging for the average Kamloops, BC, resident, even if you have some experience with investing and wealth management. David W. Page offers expert guidance to help manage and grow your wealth.

It’s never been more important to work with a Certified Financial Planner and financial advisor, someone who lives and breathes financial planning, someone who can take all the loose ends and tie them together into a neat little package–one that’s relevant to you, and you alone.

As a D.W. Page Wealth Management client, you will have access to our complete selection of exclusive funds designed to provide you with a variety of investment opportunities. Each fund is managed by investment professionals located not only here in Canada, but in strategic locations around the world.

To further ensure that we can help you plan your financial future using the best options available, we have also developed strategic relationships with leading investment managers, insurance providers and financial institutions.

What We do

“David Page earns Dalbar Seal, as one of the Country's most trusted financial professionals...”
“The Dalbar seal is the best indication of trust we can give,” said Dalbar President Louis S Harvey. “Recipients of our Seal are among the country’s most trusted financial professionals. One cannot ask for better credentials than those that come from existing clients”. “This award is significant because it comes from my clients,” said David Page. “It validates the effort that I have put into meeting my clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations during the past 25 years.”

David received this award from an independent panel in 1999.

Our Approach

As a financial planner David works with 3 assistants and has access to a wide range of qualified Specialists in areas of estate planning, tax planning, insurance and brokerage.

David shares his knowledge and insights by presenting seminars to clients and their friends on the above subjects.

Our Clients

Outstanding service and a commitment to excellence have built David a solid client base, largely through referrals from satisfied clients and other financial professionals. He strives to understand each client’s goals, needs and risk tolerance. David values openness and honesty and displays these qualities with clients, giving them professional recommendations and personal advice needed to help them achieve their goals.


“I have known David for about 30 years. My late husband and I had complete faith in David as a financial advisor. We found him very knowledgeable and he always took the time to explain anything we did not understand. He helped me through my transfers when my husband passed away; with a great deal of sympathy and care. I consider him a true friend and he would be a great asset to any company. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needed financial help.”
Vivian Moore
“If you are looking for an honest, approachable, diligent investment counselor, David Page is an excellent choice. He listens to what you have to say, appreciates your “comfort level” and when you leave you actually understand what he said!

Big bonus for us!”
Carl and Julie Ottosen
“We just wanted to say thank you and to our friend for recommending you. I am sure we would not be able to do what we are doing in our retirement without your advice. You have certainly earned “bragging rights” for your expertise in money management. We would also like to say thanks to your staff for always making us feel welcome with their friendly attitude.

Keep up the good work!”
Fred and Shirley Parchoc
“David Page has been our Investment Planner for the past sixteen years. He has always been honest and direct in every decision in regards to our financial situation, whether it is debt consolidation or investments. David has kept us well informed of current and long term money trends, and we have come to rely on his experience and expertise. We do not consider David as only our Investment Consultant, but as a close and trusted friend.

We want to thank him for the years of service he has put in for us.”
George and Sharron Henly
"I use David Page as our financial planner now. If I met David 20 years ago, I would be retired today. He is without a doubt the best I've ever met. Shame I didn't meet him sooner"
Deborah and Raymond
“David has been our financial planner and friend since we first met over our kitchen table in May of 1986. We were married for a year and had only just recently moved to Kamloops. Our daughter was born in June of the year.

We started small and with David’s help and advice over the past 27 years have built a healthy portfolio. David not only helped with our investments but showed us how to wisely save for our daughter’s education, pay for vehicles, reduce our taxes and leverage our mortgage to optimize our financial situation. As well, his experience and confidence has steadied the ship when blips in the markets did occur.

We are low risk investors and now are beginning to reap the benefits of David’s planning.

We strongly recommend David Page to all people interested in building a strong financial future.”
Rosie and Marty
"During these days we think of you very often. We wish you all the best for your operation.

You ask if we are optimistic about tomorrow, next month and next year. Without looking at the numbers we are very optimistic, we are not worried as we have always been able to rely on you and we continue to do so. For more than 30 years you have only surprised us in a very positive way when it comes to our finances. We can't think of a better finance manager than you. We have achieved all our goals thanks to your help.

A positive attitude towards life always helps us. We can imagine that this newspaper article will also make you feel positive. But as we know you, you have always been very positive about the future. What has always been most admirable has been the successful results you have delivered to us. Just now we looked at our account and lo and behold, there is another wonderful surprise from you. You keep amazing us with our account that keeps growing".
Renate and Gerhard - April 18th 2023
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